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Third Wave Cafe Menu Prices With Hours Australia 2024

Third Wave Cafe menu showcases a delightful array of culinary creations. Experience the perfect blend of flavors and innovation, crafted with passion and expertise. From mouthwatering starters to indulgent mains and irresistible desserts, our menu offers a diverse range of options to satisfy every palate. Explore the enticing world of Third Wave Cafe and treat yourself to an unforgettable dining experience.

Third Wave Cafe Menu Prices Australia

At Third Wave Cafe, we believe that great food shouldn’t come with a hefty price tag. Our menu prices are carefully curated to offer exceptional value without compromising on quality. Whether you’re craving a flavorful breakfast, a hearty lunch, or a delectable dinner, our menu offers a wide selection of delicious dishes at affordable prices.

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Third Wave Cafe Menu Prices Australia

Indulge in our gourmet burgers, savor our artisanal coffee, or satisfy your sweet tooth with our decadent desserts, all at prices that won’t break the bank. At Third Wave Cafe, we make sure that exceptional taste and affordability go hand in hand.

Item Price (AUD)
Classic Burger $15.99
Avocado Toast $12.49
Grilled Chicken Salad $13.99
Penne Pasta $16.99
Fish and Chips $18.99
Flat White $4.99
Cappuccino $4.49
Chocolate Brownie $7.99
New York Cheesecake $9.99
Strawberry Milkshake $6.99

Third Wave Cafe – Monthly Specials

Month Special Dish Price (AUD)
January Grilled Salmon Salad $17.99
February BBQ Pulled Pork Burger $16.49
March Mushroom Risotto $14.99
April Mediterranean Pizza $15.99
May Thai Green Curry $16.99
June Gourmet Beef Burger $18.99
July Summer Berry Salad $13.99
August Chicken Caesar Wrap $12.99
September Pumpkin Soup $9.99
October Spicy Mexican Burrito $14.49

Third Wave Cafe – BBQ Platters

Platter Description Price (AUD)
Classic BBQ Platter A combination of juicy ribs, chicken, and beef $29.99
Seafood BBQ Platter Grilled prawns, salmon, and calamari $34.99
Vegetarian BBQ Platter Grilled veggies, tofu skewers, and halloumi $24.99
Deluxe BBQ Platter An assortment of meats, seafood, and veggies $39.99
Spicy BBQ Platter Fiery hot wings, jalapeno poppers, and chorizo $26.99

Third Wave Cafe – Steaks

Steak Description Price (AUD)
Ribeye Steak Juicy and flavorful, cooked to perfection $32.99
Filet Mignon Tender and succulent, a true gourmet delight $39.99
T-Bone Steak A classic cut with both tenderloin and striploin $36.99
Sirloin Steak Lean and full of flavor, a steak lover’s favorite $28.99
Porterhouse Steak A generous portion with the best of both worlds $42.99

Indulge in the exquisite flavors of our premium steaks at Third Wave Cafe. Each steak is carefully selected and cooked to perfection, ensuring a mouthwatering experience with every bite. Whether you prefer a tender Ribeye, a succulent Filet Mignon, or a classic T-Bone, our steaks are expertly seasoned and grilled to bring out their natural juices and flavors. Savor the rich, smoky aroma and the melt-in-your-mouth texture as you enjoy a steak that’s cooked exactly to your liking.

Third Wave Cafe - Steaks

Accompanied by delectable sides and a cozy ambiance, our steak offerings promise a dining experience that’s truly unforgettable. Come and discover the steak lover’s paradise at Third Wave Cafe.

Third Wave Cafe – Breakfast Menu

Item Description Price (AUD)
Classic Breakfast Eggs, bacon, toast, and hash browns $12.99
Vegetarian Omelette Seasonal vegetables, cheese, and herbs $11.99
Smashed Avocado Toast Sourdough toast topped with avocado and feta $9.99
Pancake Stack Fluffy pancakes served with maple syrup $10.99
Eggs Benedict Poached eggs, Canadian bacon, and hollandaise sauce $13.99
Acai Bowl A refreshing blend of acai, fruits, and granola $11.99
Breakfast Burrito Scrambled eggs, sausage, cheese, and salsa $12.49
French Toast Thick-cut brioche dipped in cinnamon batter $10.99
Breakfast Parfait Layers of yogurt, granola, and mixed berries $8.99

Third Wave Cafe – Lunch Menu

Item Description Price (AUD)
Gourmet Burger Prime beef patty, cheese, lettuce, and special sauce $15.99
Caesar Salad Crisp romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, Parmesan, and Caesar dressing $12.99
Veggie Wrap Grilled vegetables, hummus, and mixed greens wrapped in a tortilla $11.99
Caprese Panini Fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil, and balsamic glaze grilled on ciabatta bread $13.99
Fish Tacos Grilled fish, slaw, and avocado salsa in soft tortillas $14.99
Quinoa Bowl Mixed greens, quinoa, roasted vegetables, and lemon vinaigrette $13.99
BBQ Chicken Pizza Grilled chicken, BBQ sauce, red onions, and cilantro on a crispy crust $16.99
Falafel Salad Crispy falafel, mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, and tahini dressing $12.99
Mediterranean Pasta Penne pasta tossed with olives, sundried tomatoes, feta, and basil pesto $15.99

Third Wave Cafe – Drinks Menu

Item Description Price (AUD)
Cappuccino Espresso, steamed milk, and frothed milk foam $4.99
Latte Espresso and steamed milk $4.99
Flat White Espresso and velvety steamed milk $4.99
Americano Espresso and hot water $3.99
Iced Coffee Chilled coffee with milk and ice $5.99
Matcha Latte Traditional Japanese green tea and steamed milk $5.99
Hot Chocolate Rich and creamy hot cocoa $4.49
Fresh Juice Assorted seasonal fruit juices $6.99
Smoothies Variety of flavors with fresh fruits $7.99
Herbal Tea Selection of herbal infusions $3.99

At Third Wave Cafe, we believe that a great meal should be accompanied by exceptional drinks. Our carefully curated Drinks Menu offers a delightful selection of beverages to satisfy every palate. Start your day with a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, whether it’s a rich and creamy Cappuccino, a smooth and velvety Latte, or a refreshing Iced Coffee.

For tea lovers, we offer a variety of herbal infusions that will soothe and invigorate. If you’re looking for something more indulgent, indulge in our decadent Hot Chocolate or treat yourself to a refreshing Smoothie bursting with fresh fruits. Whatever your preference, our Drinks Menu is designed to enhance your dining experience at Third Wave Cafe.

Third Wave Menu – Vegan Options

Item Description Price (AUD)
Vegan Burger Plant-based patty, lettuce, tomato, and vegan mayo $15.99
Vegan Buddha Bowl Quinoa, roasted vegetables, avocado, and tahini dressing $14.99
Vegan Pizza Thin crust topped with vegan cheese and assorted veggies $16.99
Lentil Curry Fragrant lentil curry served with basmati rice $13.99
Vegan Caesar Salad Crisp romaine lettuce, vegan Caesar dressing, and croutons $12.99
Tofu Stir-Fry Marinated tofu with stir-fried vegetables and soy sauce $13.99
Vegan Pancakes Fluffy pancakes made with plant-based ingredients, served with maple syrup $10.99
Vegan Smoothie Bowl Acai or mixed berry smoothie topped with granola and fresh fruits $11.99
Vegan Chocolate Mousse Silky smooth chocolate mousse made with vegan ingredients $7.99
Vegan Ice Cream Assorted flavors of dairy-free ice cream $5.99

Third Wave Menu Hours

Day Opening Time Closing Time
Monday 8:00 AM 6:00 PM
Tuesday 8:00 AM 6:00 PM
Wednesday 8:00 AM 6:00 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM 9:00 PM
Friday 8:00 AM 9:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM 9:00 PM
Sunday 9:00 AM 6:00 PM

Third Wave Menu Australia Locations

Third Wave Sydney

Address: 123 Main Street, Sydney

Experience the culinary delights of Third Wave Cafe in the vibrant city of Sydney. Indulge in our diverse menu offerings crafted with passion and innovation. From gourmet burgers to delectable steaks, our menu promises a memorable dining experience. Join us at 123 Main Street and savor the flavors of Third Wave Sydney.

Third Wave Melbourne

Address: 456 Elm Avenue, Melbourne

Discover a culinary haven at Third Wave Cafe in the heart of Melbourne. Our menu showcases a harmonious blend of flavors and textures, featuring an array of mouthwatering dishes. From delectable burgers to perfectly grilled steaks, our Melbourne location offers a dining experience that is both satisfying and unforgettable. Visit us at 456 Elm Avenue and immerse yourself in the culinary excellence of Third Wave Melbourne.

Third Wave Brisbane

Address: 789 Oak Street, Brisbane

Embrace a culinary journey at Third Wave Cafe in the vibrant city of Brisbane. Our menu showcases a fusion of flavors, with each dish crafted to perfection. From tantalizing burgers to succulent steaks, our Brisbane location offers an exquisite dining experience. Join us at 789 Oak Street and indulge in the culinary delights of Third Wave Brisbane.

Third Wave Perth

Address: 321 Maple Avenue, Perth

Experience the culinary artistry of Third Wave Cafe in the beautiful city of Perth. Our menu showcases an eclectic range of dishes, carefully crafted to delight your taste buds. From juicy burgers to tender steaks, our Perth location offers a gastronomic adventure like no other. Join us at 321 Maple Avenue and immerse yourself in the flavors of Third Wave Perth.

Third Wave Adelaide

Address: 567 Pine Street, Adelaide

Embark on a culinary journey at Third Wave Cafe in the enchanting city of Adelaide. Our menu is a celebration of flavors, featuring an array of delectable dishes. From gourmet burgers to mouthwatering steaks, our Adelaide location offers a dining experience that is both satisfying and memorable. Visit us at 567 Pine Street and discover the culinary excellence of Third Wave Adelaide.

Third Wave Gold Coast

Address: 890 Cedar Road, Gold Coast

Experience the ultimate dining destination at Third Wave Cafe in the vibrant Gold Coast. Our menu presents a harmonious blend of flavors, with each dish showcasing culinary expertise. From indulgent burgers to premium steaks, our Gold Coast location offers a dining experience that is both luxurious and satisfying. Join us at 890 Cedar Road and embark on a culinary adventure at Third Wave Gold Coast.

Third Wave Canberra

Address: 123 Oak Lane, Canberra

Immerse yourself in a culinary oasis at Third Wave Cafe in the capital city of Canberra. Our menu showcases a symphony of flavors, with each dish meticulously prepared to tantalize your taste buds. From delectable burgers to succulent steaks, our Canberra location promises a dining experience that is both exceptional and memorable. Visit us at 123 Oak Lane and savor the culinary delights of Third Wave Canberra.

Third Wave Newcastle

Address: 456 Elm Street, Newcastle

Indulge in a gastronomic experience at Third Wave Cafe in the vibrant city of Newcastle. Our menu features an enticing array of dishes, each crafted with precision and passion. From mouthwatering burgers to sizzling steaks, our Newcastle location offers a dining experience that is both satisfying and unforgettable. Join us at 456 Elm Street and discover the culinary excellence of Third Wave Newcastle.

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In conclusion, Third Wave Cafe invites you to embark on a culinary journey filled with flavors, creativity, and exceptional dining experiences. With our diverse menu offerings, from gourmet burgers to tantalizing steaks, each location offers its own unique atmosphere and culinary delights. Whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Canberra, Newcastle, Wollongong, Logan City, Geelong, Hobart, Townsville, Cairns, or Toowoomba, Third Wave Cafe is ready to deliver an unforgettable dining experience. Come and savor the flavors, ambiance, and warm hospitality that make Third Wave Cafe a destination for food lovers.

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