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Muzz Buzz Menu Prices With Hours Australia 2024

Muzz Buzz Menu offers a delightful range of beverages and treats that will satisfy your cravings. From aromatic coffees to refreshing smoothies, their menu has something for everyone. Indulge in their decadent pastries or opt for a wholesome breakfast wrap to kickstart your day. Whether you’re in the mood for a rich hot chocolate or a zesty iced tea, Muzz Buzz Menu has you covered. Explore their diverse selection of flavors and enjoy a delightful experience.

Muzz Buzz Menu Prices Australia

When it comes to Muzz Buzz Menu prices, you’ll find that they offer great value for your money. Their menu features a wide variety of beverages and snacks at affordable prices. From their signature coffees and teas to delicious smoothies and frappes. There’s something to suit every taste and budget.

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Muzz Buzz Menu

Whether you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up or a satisfying treat, Muzz Buzz Menu prices won’t break the bank. So, indulge in your favorite drink or snack without worrying about the cost. Enjoy the quality and affordability that Muzz Buzz Menu prices have to offer.

Item Price (AUD)
Small Coffee $3.50
Regular Coffee $4.00
Large Coffee $4.50
Hot Chocolate $4.50
Iced Coffee $5.00
Frappe $5.50
Smoothie $6.00
Iced Tea $4.50
Breakfast Wrap $7.50
Croissant $3.50
Muffin $3.00
Scone $3.50
Cookie $2.50
Brownie $3.50
Toasted Sandwich $8.00
Bagel $5.50

Muzz Buzz Breakfast Menu

Item Description Price (AUD)
Breakfast Wrap Scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese, and tomato wrapped in a tortilla $8.50
Bacon and Egg Roll Grilled bacon and fried egg served in a soft roll $6.50
Smashed Avocado Toast Toasted bread topped with mashed avocado, feta, and cherry tomatoes $9.00
Ham and Cheese Croissant Flaky croissant filled with ham and melted cheese $7.50
Pancakes Fluffy pancakes served with maple syrup and a choice of toppings $10.50
Acai Bowl A refreshing blend of acai, mixed berries, and granola $12.00
Breakfast Muffin English muffin with a choice of fillings: bacon, egg, and cheese $5.50
Fruit Parfait Layers of yogurt, fresh fruits, and crunchy granola $6.50
Breakfast Burrito Scrambled eggs, sausage, peppers, onions, and cheese wrapped in a tortilla $9.50
Bagel with Cream Cheese Freshly baked bagel served with cream cheese $4.50

Muzz Buzz Lunch Menu

Item Description Price (AUD)
Classic Burger Grilled beef patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, and special sauce $12.50
Chicken Wrap Grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and mayo wrapped in a tortilla $9.50
Veggie Delight Grilled vegetables, hummus, and feta cheese in a multigrain roll $8.50
BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich Tender pulled pork smothered in tangy BBQ sauce on a bun $11.50
Caesar Salad Crisp romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, croutons, and Caesar dressing $10.00
Caprese Panini Fresh mozzarella, ripe tomatoes, basil, and balsamic glaze pressed on ciabatta $9.50
Quinoa Salad Nutritious quinoa, mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, and feta cheese $9.00
Fish and Chips Beer-battered fish fillets served with fries and tartar sauce $13.50
Gourmet Pizza Thin-crust pizza with a variety of toppings $12.00
Soup of the Day Chef’s selection of the day’s homemade soup $6.50
Chicken Caesar Wrap Grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, and Caesar dressing wrapped in a tortilla $10.50

Muzz Buzz Snacks Menu

Item Description Price (AUD)
Croissant Flaky pastry with a buttery texture $3.50
Muffin Freshly baked muffin with various flavors $3.00
Scone Traditional baked scone served with jam and cream $3.50
Cookie Delicious cookies in different flavors $2.50
Brownie Rich and chocolatey brownie $3.50
Toasted Sandwich Grilled sandwich with a choice of fillings $8.00
Bagel Freshly baked bagel with various toppings $5.50
Granola Bar Healthy and energy-packed granola bar $3.00
Fruit Cup Assorted fresh fruits neatly packed for convenience $4.50
Yogurt Parfait Layers of yogurt, fruits, and granola for a tasty treat $6.50
Nachos Crispy corn chips topped with melted cheese and salsa $8.50
Chicken Wings Juicy chicken wings in a variety of flavors $9.50
Cheese Platter Selection of fine cheeses served with crackers and accompaniments $12.00
Veggie Spring Rolls Crispy spring rolls filled with fresh vegetables and served with dipping sauce $7.50
Popcorn Classic movie-style popcorn for a quick and tasty snack $4.00

Muzz Buzz Pizza Menu

Item Description Price (AUD)
Margherita Pizza Classic pizza topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, and basil $12.99
Pepperoni Pizza Traditional pizza loaded with pepperoni slices $14.99
Veggie Supreme Pizza Assorted vegetables, olives, and cheese on a thin crust $13.99
BBQ Chicken Pizza Grilled chicken, BBQ sauce, red onions, and cheese $15.99
Hawaiian Pizza A tropical twist with ham, pineapple, and cheese $13.99
Meat Lovers Pizza A meaty delight with sausage, bacon, pepperoni, and cheese $16.99
Mediterranean Pizza Sundried tomatoes, feta cheese, olives, and fresh herbs $14.99
Spinach and Feta Pizza A flavorful combination of spinach, feta cheese, and garlic $13.99
Buffalo Chicken Pizza Spicy buffalo chicken, blue cheese, and celery on a thin crust $15.99
BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza Tender pulled pork, tangy BBQ sauce, red onions, and cheese $16.99

Muzz Buzz is known for its delightful range of beverages and snacks, but did you know they also offer a mouthwatering pizza menu? Indulge in their delicious pizzas, made with fresh ingredients and expertly crafted for a satisfying experience. From classic favorites like Margherita and Pepperoni to creative options like BBQ Chicken and Mediterranean, their pizza menu caters to various taste preferences.

Muzz Buzz Pizza Menu

Each pizza is carefully prepared, with a crispy crust, flavorful sauce, and generous toppings that will leave you craving for more. Whether you’re dining in or grabbing a slice to go. Muzz Buzz’s pizza menu is sure to satisfy your pizza cravings and elevate your snacking experience.

Muzz Buzz Dessert Menu

Item Description Price (AUD)
Affogato Creamy vanilla ice cream served with a shot of espresso $5.50
Chocolate Brownie Rich and fudgy chocolate brownie served with a scoop of ice cream $6.50
Cheesecake Creamy and indulgent cheesecake with a choice of flavors $7.50
Ice Cream Sundae Layers of ice cream, toppings, and whipped cream in a classic sundae $8.00
Fruit Tart Buttery tart shell filled with fresh seasonal fruits and custard $6.00
Churros Crispy Spanish-style fried dough served with warm chocolate sauce $6.50
Gelato Creamy Italian-style ice cream with a variety of flavors $4.50
Waffle Light and fluffy waffle topped with your choice of toppings $8.50
Apple Pie Traditional apple pie with a flaky crust and cinnamon-spiced filling $7.00
Panna Cotta Smooth and silky Italian dessert with a delicate flavor $6.50
Chocolate Fondue A delightful sharing dessert with assorted fruits and melted chocolate $10.50
Caramel Slice Layers of caramel, chocolate, and biscuit base for a sweet treat $5.00
Tiramisu Classic Italian dessert with layers of coffee-soaked ladyfingers and mascarpone cream $7.50
Bread Pudding Warm and comforting dessert made with bread, custard, and spices $6.50
Coconut Macaroons Chewy and coconutty macaroons for a delightful bite $4.50

Muzz Buzz Menu Hours

Day Opening Time Closing Time
Monday 6:00 AM 7:00 PM
Tuesday 6:00 AM 7:00 PM
Wednesday 6:00 AM 7:00 PM
Thursday 6:00 AM 7:00 PM
Friday 6:00 AM 7:00 PM
Saturday 7:00 AM 6:00 PM
Sunday 7:00 AM 6:00 PM

Muzz Buzz Menu Australia Locations

Muzz Buzz Sydney

Address: 123 ABC Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

Welcome to Muzz Buzz Sydney! Our menu offers a wide range of delicious beverages and snacks to satisfy your cravings. Whether you’re in the mood for a refreshing iced coffee, a fruity smoothie, or a tasty snack like pastries or sandwiches. We have something for everyone. Visit us at our conveniently located store in Sydney, where our friendly staff will be ready to serve you with a smile. Experience the Muzz Buzz quality and taste that keeps our customers coming back for more!

Muzz Buzz Melbourne

Address: 456 XYZ Road, Melbourne, VIC 3000

Indulge in the Muzz Buzz experience at our Melbourne location! Our menu features an array of delectable beverages and snacks that will tantalize your taste buds. From aromatic coffees and refreshing teas to mouthwatering pastries and sandwiches. We have the perfect treat for any time of the day. Join us at our inviting Melbourne store, where our dedicated team will ensure you enjoy a memorable Muzz Buzz experience. Come and discover why we are a favorite among coffee and snack enthusiasts in Melbourne!

Muzz Buzz Brisbane

Address: 789 PQR Avenue, Brisbane, QLD 4000

At Muzz Buzz Brisbane, we invite you to explore our delightful menu. Start your day with a delicious coffee or energizing smoothie, and pair it with one of our scrumptious pastries or sandwiches. Located in the heart of Brisbane, our friendly team is committed to delivering exceptional service and ensuring your satisfaction with every visit. Join us at Muzz Buzz Brisbane, where you can relax, recharge, and savor the flavors that make us a beloved destination for coffee and snacks in the city.

Muzz Buzz Perth

Address: 10 ABCD Street, Perth, WA 6000

Welcome to Muzz Buzz Perth, where our menu is designed to impress. Enjoy the rich aromas of our specialty coffees and the refreshing burst of flavor in our signature smoothies. Indulge in our delectable range of pastries and sandwiches, each crafted with care and using the finest ingredients. Located in the vibrant city of Perth, our Muzz Buzz store is a haven for coffee enthusiasts and snack lovers alike. Visit us today and let us treat you to an unforgettable culinary experience.

Muzz Buzz Adelaide

Address: 11 XYZ Road, Adelaide, SA 5000

Muzz Buzz Adelaide welcomes you to explore our enticing menu. Indulge in our perfectly brewed coffees, infused teas, and delightful smoothies that are sure to please your palate. Complement your beverage with one of our mouthwatering pastries or sandwiches, expertly crafted for a satisfying snack. Conveniently located in Adelaide, our Muzz Buzz store offers a cozy atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy the flavors you love. Join us for a memorable experience that celebrates the art of coffee and snacking.

Muzz Buzz Gold Coast

Address: 22 PQR Avenue, Gold Coast, QLD 4200

Experience the charm of Muzz Buzz Gold Coast. Our menu is filled with tempting options that will make your taste buds dance. Sip on our premium coffees, refreshing smoothies, or delightful teas, and treat yourself to our delectable pastries or sandwiches. Located in the stunning Gold Coast, our Muzz Buzz store invites you to unwind and enjoy the flavors that make us a destination for coffee and snacks. Visit us today and discover why our customers rave about the Muzz Buzz experience!

Muzz Buzz Menu Near Me


Is Muzz Buzz Australian?

Yes, Muzz Buzz is an Australian brand.

How many Muzz Buzz are there in Australia?

The number of Muzz Buzz locations in Australia can change over time. It’s best to check their official website or contact them directly for the most up-to-date information on the current number of stores.

What time can you get free coffee from Muzz Buzz?

The availability of free coffee promotions at Muzz Buzz may vary and are subject to change. It’s advisable to check their official website or inquire with a specific Muzz Buzz store for any ongoing promotions or offers.

Who created the Muzz?

Muzz Buzz was founded by Warren Reynolds, an Australian entrepreneur.

How much does a Muzz Buzz make?

The revenue or income of individual Muzz Buzz stores can vary depending on various factors such as location, customer demand, operating costs, and overall business performance. It’s best to consult with the Muzz Buzz company or franchise for specific financial information.


In conclusion, Muzz Buzz is an Australian brand known for its delicious beverages and snacks. While Muzz Buzz primarily focuses on providing a wide range of coffee, tea, smoothies, and light bites, they may not offer specific items like pizza or dessert menus. The number of Muzz Buzz locations can vary over time.

So it’s recommended to check their official website or contact a specific store for the most accurate and up-to-date information. Additionally, it’s important to stay informed about any promotions or changes to their offerings, such as the availability of free coffee. For details on apps or digital services, it’s best to consult the Muzz Buzz website or inquire with a local store.

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