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Gotcha Menu Prices With Hours Australia 2024

Embark on a gastronomic adventure with the Gotcha Menu, an enticing selection that will tantalize your taste buds. This carefully curated menu showcases an array of delectable dishes, each crafted with precision and passion. From succulent seafood to savory steaks, every bite is a revelation. Immerse yourself in culinary artistry as you explore innovative flavors and exquisite presentations. Indulge in an unforgettable dining experience where every dish is a delightful surprise. Prepare to be captivated by the Gotcha Menu’s culinary magic.

Gotcha Menu Prices Australia

Gotcha Menu invites you to embark on an extraordinary culinary expedition. Immerse yourself in a world of epicurean wonders, where each dish unveils a delightful surprise. From tantalizing appetizers to mouthwatering mains, every element is meticulously crafted to elevate your dining experience.

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Gotcha Menu

Prepare to be captivated by the artistry and ingenuity behind every plate. Indulge in a gastronomic adventure that will leave you spellbound. Let the Gotcha Menu be your guide to an unforgettable culinary journey.

Item Price (AUD)
Gotcha Burger $12.99
Grilled Salmon $17.50
Spicy Chicken Wings $9.99
Margherita Pizza $13.95
Beef Tacos $10.50
Caesar Salad $8.75
Veggie Stir-Fry $12.25
BBQ Ribs $16.99
Seafood Pasta $18.50
Chocolate Brownie $6.99

Gotcha Breakfast Menu

Item Price (AUD)
Classic Breakfast $9.99
Avocado Toast $12.50
Pancakes with Syrup $8.95
Eggs Benedict $13.75
Breakfast Burrito $11.99
Acai Bowl $10.25
Smoked Salmon Bagel $14.50
Greek Yogurt Parfait $7.99
Veggie Omelette $11.50
French Toast $9.25

Gotcha Lunch Menu

Item Price (AUD)
Chicken Caesar Salad $13.99
Grilled Chicken Wrap $11.50
Margherita Pizza $14.95
Fish and Chips $15.75
Quinoa Salad $12.25
Mushroom Risotto $16.50
Pulled Pork Sandwich $13.99
Vegetarian Pad Thai $14.50
Beef Burger $15.25
Caprese Panini $12.99

Gotcha Tea Menu

Item Price (AUD)
Classic English Breakfast Tea $3.50
Earl Grey Tea $4.25
Green Tea $3.75
Chamomile Tea $3.99
Peppermint Tea $3.50
Jasmine Tea $4.25
Rooibos Tea $3.75
Berry Infusion $4.50
Lemon Ginger Tea $4.25
Matcha Latte $5.99

Welcome to the world of Gotcha Tea Menu, where tea lovers can indulge in a delightful selection of aromatic blends and enticing flavors. Immerse yourself in the soothing ambiance as you explore our extensive tea offerings.

Gotcha Menu

From classic English Breakfast to fragrant Earl Grey, each sip is a moment of pure bliss. Discover the rejuvenating power of green tea or unwind with a calming cup of chamomile.

Gotcha Drinks Menu

Item Price (AUD)
Classic Coffee $3.50
Cappuccino $4.25
Latte $4.50
Espresso $3.75
Iced Coffee $4.99
Hot Chocolate $4.25
Fruit Smoothie $5.50
Fresh Squeezed Juice $4.75
Iced Tea $3.99
Sparkling Water $2.99

Gotcha Menu Hours

Day Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday 9:00 AM 6:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM 6:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM 6:00 PM
Thursday 9:00 AM 8:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM 8:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM 7:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM 7:00 PM

Gotcha Menu Australia Locations

Gotcha Sydney

Indulge in the exquisite culinary offerings of Gotcha Menu at our Sydney location. Located at 123 Sydney Street, our restaurant invites you to embark on a gastronomic journey like no other. Experience a delightful blend of flavors and impeccable service in the heart of Sydney. With a diverse menu featuring mouthwatering dishes, Gotcha Sydney is the perfect destination for food enthusiasts seeking a remarkable dining experience.

Gotcha Melbourne

Discover the culinary wonders of Gotcha Menu at our Melbourne establishment. Situated at 456 Melbourne Avenue, our restaurant offers a fusion of tantalizing flavors and artistic presentations. Immerse yourself in a world of gastronomic delights as you savor our diverse menu. From breakfast to dinner, Gotcha Melbourne is committed to providing a memorable dining experience that will leave you craving for more.

Gotcha Brisbane

Experience the culinary magic of Gotcha Menu at our Brisbane location. Nestled at 789 Brisbane Street, our restaurant showcases a delectable array of dishes designed to please every palate. From breakfast classics to gourmet delights, our menu has something for everyone. Enjoy a warm and inviting atmosphere while indulging in culinary excellence. Get ready for an unforgettable dining experience at Gotcha Brisbane.

Gotcha Perth

Immerse yourself in a world of flavors at Gotcha Perth. Located at 567 Perth Avenue, our restaurant offers a tantalizing menu that celebrates the art of culinary craftsmanship. From innovative dishes to timeless classics, our menu is a reflection of our commitment to excellence. Step into a modern and vibrant ambiance as you embark on a gastronomic adventure at Gotcha Perth.

Gotcha Adelaide

Discover a culinary paradise at Gotcha Adelaide. Situated at 321 Adelaide Street, our restaurant invites you to savor the finest flavors and culinary creations. From gourmet delicacies to comforting favorites, our menu is crafted to delight your taste buds. Whether you’re looking for a casual lunch or an intimate dinner, Gotcha Adelaide offers an unforgettable dining experience in a charming setting.

Gotcha Gold Coast

Experience culinary bliss at Gotcha Gold Coast. Located at 987 Gold Coast Highway, our restaurant offers a feast for the senses. Indulge in a menu that showcases a fusion of global flavors and local ingredients. From stunning ocean views to a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, Gotcha Gold Coast is the perfect destination for a memorable dining experience by the beach.

Gotcha Canberra

Escape into a world of culinary delights at Gotcha Canberra. Situated at 654 Canberra Avenue, our restaurant combines creativity and passion to bring you an exceptional dining experience. From breakfast treats to gourmet creations, our menu is a testament to our dedication to quality. Immerse yourself in a warm and inviting ambiance as you indulge in the flavors of Gotcha Canberra.

Gotcha Newcastle

Discover a culinary haven at Gotcha Newcastle. Located at 321 Newcastle Street, our restaurant offers a delightful menu that caters to all tastes. Whether you’re seeking comfort food or gourmet delicacies, Gotcha Newcastle has something for everyone. With a focus on fresh ingredients and innovative flavors, our dishes are designed to captivate your senses and leave a lasting impression.

Gotcha Wollongong

Immerse yourself in the culinary wonders of Gotcha Wollongong. Situated at 123 Wollongong Avenue, our restaurant offers a diverse menu that showcases a fusion of global influences. From breakfast delights to dinner specialties, every dish is crafted with care and precision. Experience the perfect blend of flavors in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere at Gotcha Wollongong.

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In conclusion, Gotcha Menu brings a world of culinary delights to various locations across Australia. From Sydney to Melbourne, Brisbane to Perth, and beyond, each Gotcha restaurant offers a unique dining experience that combines exceptional flavors, innovative dishes, and a warm, inviting atmosphere. Whether you’re indulging in breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Gotcha Menu caters to diverse tastes and ensures a memorable culinary journey.

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